Sketching 4: Girl 

She is good in English. Named Alayda Salma.

She is the only one of my student who can speak English fluently. Everytime she meets me or when talking about her problem, she always uses English. Beside good in English, she also has a good looking, polite, kindhearted and a rich kid’s daughter. The perfect one.

That make almost of her sister class envies of her.


Yesterday I had many mistakes in drawing of the eyes, cheek, angle, and rustic lines. But this morning, I have fixed some of those problems. Not perfect, but I think it has a lot of progress.

As you can see, the eyes are not in the perfect line and shape. And I’m  still having difficulties drawing that nose.

I still avoid using ruler to make all the part in a good position. I thought the habit will make me spoiled in future drawing.
Have a good day.

50 thoughts on “Sketching 4: Girl 

        1. Ahaha thank you so much! Your comment make me so happy, I was looking for Indonesian who write English actually there are so many Indian kids 😂 now I’ve got 2, you and Manuel! It’s not bad at all, don’t be hard on yourself 😁


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