Sketching 5: Baby


This face remind me when my boss gave me a bunch of work on my table last month. And then he said “ Mas, Sesuk kudu rampung yo, soale iki mau teko ne mendadak, ..tenang ae menko tak kei duit maem ”.  And suddenly my face turn to that.

Duit maem means  it just enough for lunch.

About my drawing progress.

Last night, I tried to draw it for about 5 minutes only. And I must stopped my drawing whatever it shape. It was very challenging and rustic, after that I never touched it anymore. No perfect. Sure. It can be called as speed drawing.

As you can see (again), those eyes are wrong shape. The right is bigger than left. And I left the ears unfinished. Odd chin and other bad lines. And his hair? Ohh I need a lot of reference how to draw that hair. I thought it was too dull and flat.

English roso jowo yee


16 thoughts on “Sketching 5: Baby

  1. Very cool mase! now try this, you take a random picture, split it in half and combine the same side with horizontal flip for the other piece, I’ve tried for my own picture and it looks super weird! I think no human has a perfectly symmetrical face.


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