Nglambor Beach 

Good morning, 

That day,  my friends and I decided to swim at the beach.  We went to Nglambor because no one of us never seen there. From Internet we have known it had beautiful scenery and low wave. 

Based on Google map, It take only one hour and half from my office. 

So,  when the last bell rang,  we made quick pack then roll. We were still wearing Batik,  office shoes,  and bringing laptop in our backpacks. 

It was very hot day in the middle of the day. 

When we arrived at the beach, luckily it was tide time, perfect time to played wave and swam. 

Because I hate water and couldn’t swim, I just sat at side of rock,  keeping their stuff and watching them playing water as much as they want. While keeping their belonging,  I made this rough sketch by using drawing pen. 

When I saw them in the water,  I was so happy see their face,  they looked  released all of their problems and thought. 

Have a nice day bro. 

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