Sketching 9: Teachers can be Influenced by Students

If you meet a lazy teacher, then surely he has a student similar to him.

Students can influence his teacher in various ways, he can catch their laziness if he does not have good teaching principles.

I give an example for this problem: a teacher who is very diligent and eager to give good tasks to children and give deadlines a week, after a week later he hopes he will get a satisfactory set of tasks, but what happens? lazy children do for various reasons. They have many reason to did not do their task by making many reasons. And this is happen not only once.

If this continues for a long time, so that, the spirit of the teacher is getting more and more receding. His passion also went out. And over time he will be exactly with his student.
The silent teacher will turn into a female lion if she is dealing with a student who has extraordinary delinquency.

Just a simple talk
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23 thoughts on “Sketching 9: Teachers can be Influenced by Students

  1. I can see what you mean. Not only a teacher can be influenced by students in that case, actually.
    A lazy teacher also can influence other teacher in certain case.

    Btw, you need to retype the title above, there’s word mistyped ✌

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              1. kalau bahasa memang luwes, coba aja mas jalil baca puisi atau sastra English..pasti bingung denhan grammar yang di pelajari di sekolah.
                ..pinter pak desfortin πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


              2. Ya mas, saya juga sering baca lirik lagu barat dan ngerasa beda ama grammar di sekolah, kadang bingung mahaminnya.

                Ah, sama-sama lah mas, tapi saya sering manggil blogger dsini mas mba sih biar sok akrab. Hhaaa


              3. Iya sih mas, ada orang yang gak sekolah mesin malah kadang jago ngerombak mesin dan bisa buka bengkel. Karena kebiasaan dan kemauan untuk terus belajar ya mas.


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