Sketching 8: Do You Know that Teaching is An Art ?


Some people say that teaching is a pure science that is easy to learn just like any other science, such as Math or Social Science. But I do not agree with them. For me, teaching is an art.

Why is it called art?

Immanuel Kant said that an art as :
 “Art is a dream because formula formula can not make a reality.”

Behold, that teaching can not be equated with the formula of formula, which is obviously the result. In teaching, a teacher will find many changes of change that are not felt from day to day, or each class has its own dynamics.  A theory of teaching can not be applied in different classes, teachers have to do a lot of improvisation when learning process takes place.

Occasionaly, teachers often have to combine several techniques and teaching methods to achieve the learning objectives.

In the process of teaching activities, we must be able to communicate well with students, with good communication then the convey of materials will also be more effective.

In teaching activities we are also demanded to be able to play a little drama that reflected on the right intonation.

And for the media, how students get interested in learning if the media that we use is flat, unattractive and boring. They would be quick to fall asleep and play in the classroom or the worst is to bother his friend. Therefore the teacher must also learn the science from other branches to make the class live.

And again, art will play an important role.

If a teacher remains insistent with single method he has learned, then the learning process will look unnatural and awkward.

Therefore teaching is an art.

Have a good day.

16 thoughts on “Sketching 8: Do You Know that Teaching is An Art ?

  1. Membuat suasana kelas jadi hidup memang sulit, dulu ketika masih sekolah hanya beberapa guru yang bisa melakukannya dan jelas mata pelajaran yang dibawakan oleh blio membuat saya punya antusias untuk mendengarkannya.

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  2. I really appreciate the teachers.

    I had one year working experience as shadow teacher (I teach children with special needs) in inclusion elementary school. I work together with the class teacher. Therefore, I know more about the teaching profession.

    Teachers do not just teach a lesson. The teacher should have an ability to recognize the character of the student. And be patient to face their unique character.

    Thank you, Teacher. I proud of you
    ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ‘

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    1. yes, the first to do for “real” teacher is recognizing the kids, and then they must find the best method to convey the material to the kids. it’s called “reaL” teacher.

      You are so lucky to meet that kind of teacher, ..and kids with special needs is not easy. I never do that.


      1. I think, the main thing to be a “real” teacher is to love children and love your job. I hope Mas Layang being a teacher like that. And keep being a private psychologist for your students ๐Ÿ˜€

        Yes, I was very lucky. You should try to meet children with special needs. They teach us about patience and respect for others.


        1. I Hope, but I still need time and experiences, and learnt from those who gave me inspiration,

          My school was near SLB, someday I saw their kindness to each other. From what they have done, I realied that their heart was very pure, they never thought about how to cheating…he he


          1. Yes, you need time to understand them. The main key to teach something new is make them feel comfort and safe.

            Really? Hopefully you got a chance to know them closer.

            For information, The school of inclusion is a school that incorporates a normal and a special needs children in the same class . However, in that class there are only two children with special needs. I think, it will be easier for you to understand them.


              1. The teacher is a role model for the students, right? So, to avoid ridicule among students, teachers only need to treat the special need children well. So your students are also doing the same thing.

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